Ellan Vannin Fuels is dedicated to offering competitive prices, reliable deliveries and excellent customer service, all provided by our helpful, friendly staff based in our local office in Peel.

We supply a wide range of fuels to heat your home including kerosene and gas oil.

Getting a quote is easy, just use the form on the right or call 01624 844000.

Planned Delivery & Easy Payments

We understand that with increasingly busy lives, our customers can sometimes struggle to find the time to check their oil and there’s nothing worse than running out, especially at crucial times of the year.

This is why we are pleased to offer our Planned Delivery service, which aims to make sure your tank always has oil. We have a range of options that monitor your oil consumption, calculate when you need a top up and an automatic delivery is arranged. Easy and hassle-free!

To help manage the cost of your oil, did you know that you can pay for your bills by monthly Direct Debit via our Easy Payment Plan? It’s quick, easy and convenient, so call us on 01624 844000 to find out more.

EVF Home Heating Online

Manage your home heating oil account online, at your convenience.

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